18.12 NEON intrinsics for folding minimum

These intrinsics compare adjacent pairs of elements in two vectors, and copy the smaller of each pair into the corresponding element in the result vector.

int8x8_t    vpmin_s8(int8x8_t a, int8x8_t b);        // VPMIN.S8 d0,d0,d0 
int16x4_t   vpmin_s16(int16x4_t a, int16x4_t b);     // VPMIN.S16 d0,d0,d0
int32x2_t   vpmin_s32(int32x2_t a, int32x2_t b);     // VPMIN.S32 d0,d0,d0
uint8x8_t   vpmin_u8(uint8x8_t a, uint8x8_t b);      // VPMIN.U8 d0,d0,d0 
uint16x4_t  vpmin_u16(uint16x4_t a, uint16x4_t b);   // VPMIN.U16 d0,d0,d0
uint32x2_t  vpmin_u32(uint32x2_t a, uint32x2_t b);   // VPMIN.U32 d0,d0,d0
float32x2_t vpmin_f32(float32x2_t a, float32x2_t b); // VPMIN.F32 d0,d0,d0
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