2.18.3 Minimizing compilation build time with a single armcc invocation

Using a single armcc invocation rather than multiple invocations helps minimize compilation build time.

The following type of script incurs multiple loads and unloads of the compiler and multiple license checkouts:

armcc file1.c ...
armcc file2.c ...
armcc file3.c ...

Instead, you can try modifying your script to compile multiple files within a single invocation of armcc. For example, armcc file1.c file2.c file3.c ...

For convenience, you can also list all your .c files in a single via file invoked with armcc -via sources.txt.

Although this mechanism can dramatically reduce license checkouts and loading and unloading of the compiler to give significant improvements in build time, the following limitations apply:

  • All files are compiled with the same options.

  • Converting existing build systems could be difficult.

  • Usability depends on source file structure and dependencies.

  • An IDE might be unable to report which file had compilation errors.

  • After detecting an error, the compiler does not compile subsequent files.

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