8.1 -Aopt

Specifies command-line options to pass to the assembler when it is invoked by the compiler to assemble either .s input files or embedded assembly language functions.





is a command-line option to pass to the assembler.


Some compiler command-line options are passed to the assembler automatically whenever it is invoked by the compiler. For example, if the option --cpu is specified on the compiler command line, then this option is passed to the assembler whenever it is invoked to assemble .s files or embedded assembly code.

To see the compiler command-line options passed by the compiler to the assembler, use the compiler command-line option -A--show_cmdline.


If an unsupported option is passed through using -A, an error is generated by the assembler.


armcc -A--predefine="NEWVERSION SETL {TRUE}" main.c
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