8.70 -E

Executes the preprocessor step only.

By default, output from the preprocessor is sent to the standard output stream and can be redirected to a file using standard UNIX and MS-DOS notation.

You can also use the -o option to specify a file for the preprocessed output. By default, comments are stripped from the output. The preprocessor accepts source files with any extension, for example, .o, .s, and .txt.

To generate interleaved macro definitions and preprocessor output, use -E --list_macros.


C++ implicit inclusion does not take place when using the armcc -E preprocessor. Normally, compilation expands all explicit #include header files. In addition, some C++ files such as .cc files are added implicitly. However, using -E prevents implicit inclusion of these files. Therefore, if template entities are defined in a .cc file, armcc -E fails to include such definitions.


armcc -E source.c > raw.c
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