8.27 --common_functions, --no_common_functions

Controls whether private helper functions, not standardized by the ABI for the ARM® architecture, are generated in the object file or supplied by a library.


The default is --common_functions.


When --common_functions is used, the required private helper functions are automatically generated in the output object file. Each helper function is generated in a named common group so that all duplicate functions are removed at link time.

When --no_common_functions is used, the private helper functions are supplied by a helper library. The helper library must be supplied if the output object is used in a project that uses a different toolchain. This option allows alternative implementations of helper library functions to be provided.


The --no_common_functions option also prevents the generation of specialized helper functions, for example, division by a constant. The implementations of the helper functions in the libraries only handle the general case.
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