10.28 --execstack, --no_execstack

Generates a .note.GNU-stack section marking the stack as either executable or non-executable.

You can also use the AREA directive to generate either an executable or non-executable .note.GNU-stack section. The following code generates an executable .note.GNU-stack section. Omitting the CODE attribute generates a non-executable .note.GNU-stack section.


In the absence of --execstack and --no_execstack, the .note.GNU-stack section is not generated unless it is specified by the AREA directive.

If both the command-line option and source directive are used and are different, then the stack is marked as executable.

Table 10-4 Specifying a command-line option and an AREA directive for GNU-stack sections


--execstack command-line option

--no_execstack command-line option

execstack AREA directive



no_execstack AREA directive



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