11.51 MAR

Transfer from two general-purpose registers to a 40-bit internal accumulator.


MAR{cond} Acc, RdLo, RdHi



is an optional condition code.


is the internal accumulator. The standard name is accx, where x is an integer in the range 0 to n. The value of n depends on the processor. It is 0 for current processors.

RdLo, RdHi

are general-purpose registers. RdLo and RdHi must not be the PC.


The MAR instruction copies the contents of RdLo to bits[31:0] of Acc, and the least significant byte of RdHi to bits[39:32] of Acc.


The MAR ARM coprocessor 0 instruction is only available in XScale processors.

There is no Thumb version of the MAR instruction.


    MAR     acc0, r0, r1
    MARNE   acc0, r9, r2
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