12.104 VRSHRN (by immediate)

Vector Rounding Shift Right, Narrow, by immediate value.


VRSHRN{cond}.datatype Dd, Qm, #imm



is an optional condition code.


must be one of I16, I32, or I64.

Dd, Qm

are the destination vector and the operand vector.


is the immediate value specifying the size of the shift, in the range 0 to (size(datatype)/2). The ranges are shown in the following table:

Table 12-16 Available immediate ranges in VRSHRN (by immediate)

datatype imm range
I16 0 to 8
I32 0 to 16
I64 0 to 32

VRSHRN with an immediate value of zero is a pseudo-instruction for VMOVN.


VRSHRN takes each element in a quadword vector, right shifts them by an immediate value, and places the results in a doubleword vector. The results are rounded.

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