12.105 VRSQRTE

Vector Reciprocal Square Root Estimate.


VRSQRTE{cond}.datatype Qd, Qm

VRSQRTE{cond}.datatype Dd, Dm



is an optional condition code.


must be either U32 or F32.

Qd, Qm

are the destination vector and the operand vector, for a quadword operation.

Dd, Dm

are the destination vector and the operand vector, for a doubleword operation.


VRSQRTE finds an approximate reciprocal square root of each element in a vector, and places the results in a second vector.

Results for out-of-range inputs

The following table shows the results where input values are out of range:

Table 12-17 Results for out-of-range inputs in VRSQRTE

  Operand element Result element
Integer <= 0x3FFFFFFF 0xFFFFFFFF
Floating-point NaN, Negative Normal, Negative Infinity Default NaN
Negative 0, Negative Denormal Negative Infinity a
Positive 0, Positive Denormal Positive Infinity a
Positive infinity Positive 0
  Negative 0

The Division by Zero exception bit in the FPSCR (FPSCR[1]) is set

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