10.4.7 Linker command-line options for the SysV memory model

There are linker command-line options available for the SysV memory model.

The linker command-line options are:

  • --arm_linux.

  • --dynamic_debug.

  • --dynamic_linker.

  • --export_all, --no_export_all.

  • --export_dynamic, --no_export_dynamic.

  • --fpic.

  • --import_unresolved, --no_import_unresolved.

  • --linux_abitag=version_id.

  • --runpath=pathlist.

  • --shared.

  • --sysv.

Changes to command-line defaults with the SysV memory model

ARM® Compiler does not provide shared libraries containing the C and C++ system libraries, but you can use system libraries that come with the platform.

The intended usage model of the System V (SysV) support is to use the system libraries that come with the platform. For example, in ARM Linux this is libc.so.

To use libc.so, the linker applies the following changes to the default behavior:

  • --arm_linux sets the default options required for ARM Linux.

  • --no_ref_cpp_init is set to prevent the inclusion of the ARM C++ initialization code.

  • The linker defines the required symbols to ensure compatibility with libc.so.

  • --force_so_throw is set which forces the linker to keep exception tables.

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