2.4 Base Platform Application Binary Interface (BPABI) linking model

The Base Platform Application Binary Interface (BPABI) is a meta-standard for third parties to generate their own platform-specific image formats.

The BPABI model produces as much dynamic information as possible without focusing on any specific platform.

To link with this model, use the --bpabi command-line option. Other linker command-line options supported by this model are:

  • --dll.
  • --force_so_throw, --no_force_so_throw.
  • --pltgot=type.
  • --ro_base=address.
  • --rosplit.
  • --rw_base=address.
  • --rwpi.

Be aware of the following:

  • You cannot use scatter-loading. However, the Base Platform linking model supports scatter-loading.
  • The model by default assumes that shared objects cannot throw a C++ exception (--no_force_so_throw).
  • The default value of the --pltgot option is direct.
  • You must use symbol versioning to ensure that all the required symbols are available at load time.
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