10.5.3 Linker command-line options for bare metal and DLL-like models

There are linker command-line options available for building bare metal executables and dynamically linked library (DLL) like models for a platform OS.

The command-line options are:

Table 10-3 Turning on BPABI support

Command-line options Description
--base_platform To use scatter-loading with Base Platform Application Binary Interface (BPABI).
--bpabi To produce a BPABI executable.
--bpabi --dll To produce a BPABI DLL.

Additional linker command-line options for the BPABI DLL-like model

There are additional linker command-line options available for the BPABI DLL-like model.

The additional command-line options are:

  • --dynamic_debug.
  • --export_all, --no_export_all.
  • --pltgot=type.
  • --pltgot_opts=mode.
  • --ro_base=address.
  • --ropi.
  • --rosplit.
  • --runpath=pathlist.
  • --rw_base=address.
  • --rwpi.
  • --soname=name.
  • --symver_script=filename.
  • --symver_soname.
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