12.111 --prelink_support, --no_prelink_support

Enables or disables the linker addition of extra information required by a dynamic loader.


The linker adds:

  • An extra empty Program Header table entry to an application.

  • Some extra DT_NULL dynamic tags to both applications and shared libraries.

The prelink tool uses this reserved space to write extra information that is needed by the dynamic loader.

The --prelink_support option only has an effect when the --sysv option is selected. Building for ARM Linux with the --arm_linux command line option turns on several command line options that make the linker behave like GNU ld, and includes --sysv.

Use --no_prelink_support to force the linker not to reserve the extra space when building for ARM Linux.


The default is --prelink_support when --arm_linux or --sysv is specified.

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