Revisions for Using ARM C and C++ Libraries and Floating-Point Support

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table 26. Differences between issue C Update 3 and issue C Update 4

ChangeTopics affected
Corrected the library naming conventions.C and C++ library naming conventions
Added #pragma import(__use_smaller_memcpy).Differences between microlib and the default C library

Table 27. Differences between issue C Update 2 and issue C Update 3

ChangeTopics affected

Added a table footnote for signals SIGILL, SIGINT, SIGSEGV, and SIGTERM.

Changed the description for SIGCPPL.

Also updated the Caution.

ISO-compliant implementation of signals supported by the signal() function in the C library and additional type arguments
Added subtitles to the topic.Definition of locale data blocks in the C library

Table 28. Differences between issue B and issue C

ChangeTopics affected
Removed alloca() from the first sentence.Library heap usage requirements of the ARM C and C++ libraries
Removed the item describing alloca state from the list.Use of the __user_libspace static data area by the C libraries
Reworded the alloca.h table entry.Building an application without the C library

Table 29. Differences between issue A and issue B

ChangeTopics affected
New topic.

Stack pointer initialization and heap bounds

New topic.Defining __initial_sp, __heap_base and __heap_limit
New topic.Extending heap size at runtime
New topic.mathlib double and single-precision floating-point functions
Textual clarification.Entering and exiting programs linked with microlib
__user_setup_stackheap() clarification.Direct semihosting C library function dependencies
__user_libspace() is a legacy function.Re-implementation of legacy function __user_libspace() in the C library
Reliance of remquo(), remquof(), and remquol(), on implementation-defined integer value.How the ARM C library fulfills ISO C specification requirements
__user_initial_stackheap() downgraded to legacy support only.

Legacy support for __user_initial_stackheap()

Topic obsolete.Memory models and the C library
Topic obsolete.Methods of modifying the runtime memory model with the C library
Topic obsolete.User-defined C library memory models

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