LC_NUMERIC data block

When defining a locale data block in the C library, the macros that define an LC_NUMERIC data block are as follows:

  1. Call LC_NUMERIC_begin with a symbol name and a locale name.

  2. Call the LC_NUMERIC data macros as follows:

    1. Call LC_NUMERIC_point with one argument: decimal_point from lconv structure.

    2. Call LC_NUMERIC_thousands with one argument: thousands_sep.

    3. Call LC_NUMERIC_grouping with one argument: grouping.

  3. Call LC_NUMERIC_end, without arguments, to finish the locale block definition.

The following example shows an LC_NUMERIC data block.

Example 7.  Defining the NUMERIC locale

        LC_NUMERIC_begin c_numeric, "C"
        LC_NUMERIC_point "."
        LC_NUMERIC_thousands ""
        LC_NUMERIC_grouping ""

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