ARM floating-point compiler extensions to the C99 interface


The following functionality requires you to select a floating-point model that supports exceptions, such as --fpmode=ieee_full or --fpmode=ieee_fixed.

The ARM C library provides some extensions to the C99 interface to enable it to do everything that the ARM floating-point environment is capable of. This includes trapping and untrapping individual exception types, and installing custom trap handlers.

The types fenv_t and fexcept_t are not defined by C99 to be anything in particular. The ARM compiler defines them both to be the same structure type:

typedef struct{
    unsigned statusword;
    __ieee_handler_t __invalid_handler;
    __ieee_handler_t __divbyzero_handler;
    __ieee_handler_t __overflow_handler;
    __ieee_handler_t __underflow_handler;
    __ieee_handler_t __inexact_handler;
} fenv_t, fexcept_t;

The members of this structure are:

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