Standard C++ library implementation definition

The ARM C++ library provides all of the library defined in the ISO/IEC 14822 :1998(E) C++ Standard, aside from some limitations described in Table 13.

For information on implementation-defined behavior that is defined in the Rogue Wave C++ library, see the included Rogue Wave HTML documentation.

The Standard C++ library is distributed in binary form only.

Table 13 describes the most important features missing from the current release.

Table 13. Standard C++ library differences

StandardImplementation differences
localeThe locale message facet is not supported. It fails to open catalogs at runtime because the ARM C library does not support catopen and catclose through nl_types.h. One of two locale definitions can be selected at link time. Other locales can be created by user-redefinable functions.
TimezoneNot supported by the ARM C library.

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