1.2.1 Summary of the C and C++ runtime libraries

A summary of the C and C++ runtime libraries provided by ARM®.

C standardlib

This is a C library consisting of:

  • All functions defined by the ISO C99 library standard.
  • Target-dependent functions that implement the C library functions in the semihosted execution environment. You can redefine these functions in your own application.
  • Functions called implicitly by the compiler.
  • ARM extensions that are not defined by the ISO C library standard, but are included in the library.
C microlib

This is a C library that can be used as an alternative to C standardlib. It is a micro-library that is ideally suited for deeply embedded applications that have to fit within small-sized memory. The C micro-library, microlib, consists of:

  • Functions that are highly optimized to achieve the minimum code size.
  • Functions that are not compliant with the ISO C library standard.
  • Functions that are not compliant with the 1985 IEEE 754 standard for binary floating-point arithmetic.

This is a C++ library that can be used with C standardlib. It consists of:

  • Functions defined by the ISO C++ library standard.
  • The Rogue Wave Standard C++ library.
  • Additional C++ functions not supported by the Rogue Wave library.

The C++ libraries depend on the C library for target-specific support. There are no target dependencies in the C++ libraries.

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