2.6 --create

Creates a new library containing only the files specified in file_list. If the library already exists, its previous contents are discarded.


With the --create option specify the list of object files, either:

  • Directly on the command-line.

  • In a via file.


If the library already exists, the previous contents are deleted.

You can use this option together with the following compatible command-line options:

  • -c

  • --diag_style

  • -n

  • -v

  • --via.


Other options can also create a new library in some circumstances. For example, using the -r option with a library that does not exist.


To create a new library by adding all object files in the current directory, enter:

          armar --create mylib.a *.o

To create a new library containing the files listed in a via file, enter:

          armar --create mylib.a --via myobject.via
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