A.1 Revisions for armar Library Manager User Guide

The following technical changes have been made to the armar Library Manager User Guide.

Table A-1 Differences between Issue F and Issue J

Change Topics affected
Added chapter on via file syntax.
Removed the chapters and topics that duplicated information from the command-line option descriptions.
  • Creating libraries.
  • Managing libraries.
  • Displaying information about libraries.
Added syntax sections to-a, -b, -i, and -m.
Removed the topics --project, --reinitialize_workdir, and --workdir.

2 armar Command-line Options

Modified the output reported by --vsn.

2.32 --vsn.

Table A-2 Differences between Issue C and Issue F

Change Topics affected
Modified the version number reported by --version_number and --vsn.

Table A-3 Differences between Issue C and Issue D

Change Topics affected

Corrected the topic title for --project=filename, --no_project.

Added notes to the descriptions of the --project, --reinitialize_workdir, and --workdir options.

  • --project=filename, --no_project.

  • --reinitialize_workdir.

  • --workdir=directory.

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