3.1 --base [[object_file::]load_region_ID=]num

Enables you to alter the base address specified for one or more load regions in Motorola S-record and Intel Hex file formats.


--base [[object_file::]load_region_ID=]num



An optional ELF input file.


An optional load region. This can either be a symbolic name of an execution region belonging to a load region or a zero-based load region number, for example #0 if referring to the first region.


Either a decimal or hexadecimal value.

You can:

All addresses encoded in the output file start at the base address num. If you do not specify a --base option, the base address is taken from the load region address.


You must use one of the output formats --i32, --i32combined, --m32, or --m32combined with this option. Therefore, you cannot use this option with object files.


The following table shows examples:

Table 3-1 Examples of using --base

--base 0

decimal value

--base 0x8000

hexadecimal value

--base #0=0

base address for the first load region

--base foo.o::*=0

base address for all load regions in foo.o

--base #0=0,#1=0x8000

base address for the first and second load regions
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