About ARM Compiler

DS-5 includes a distribution of the ARM® Compiler tools.

These tools can be used to build applications and libraries suitable for bare-metal embedded systems, including the examples that are available in the DS-5 examples directory.

The ARM Compiler tools are located in tools_directory. You can use them to build your applications from either the command-line or within Eclipse.

Table 1. ARM Compiler tools




Librarian. This enables sets of ELF format object files to be collected together and maintained in archives or libraries. You can pass such a library or archive to the linker in place of several ELF files. You can also use the archive for distribution to a third party for application development.


Assembler. This assembles ARM and Thumb® assembly language sources.


Compiler. This compiles your C and C++ code. It supports inline and embedded assemblers, and also includes the NEON™ vectorizing compiler.


Linker. This combines the contents of one or more object files with selected parts of one or more object libraries to produce an executable program.


Image conversion utility. This can also generate textual information about the input image, such as disassembly and its code and data size

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