Importing the example projects into Eclipse

Many tasks described in the documentation use the example projects provided with DS-5.

To use the example projects in Eclipse, you must first import them:

  1. Launch Eclipse:

    • On Windows, select Start → All Programs → ARM DS-5 → Eclipse for DS-5.

    • On Linux, enter eclipse in the Unix bash shell.

  2. ARM recommends that you create a new workspace for the example projects so that they remain separate from your own projects. To do this you can either:

    • Create a new workspace directory during the startup of Eclipse.

    • If Eclipse is already open, select File → Switch Workspace → Other from the main menu.

  3. Select Cheat Sheet... from the Help menu.

  4. Expand the ARM -Eclipse for DS-5 group.

  5. Select Automatically Import the DS-5 Example Projects into the Current Workspace from the list of ARM cheat sheets.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Follow the steps in the cheat sheet to import all the DS-5 example projects into your workspace.

When the examples are imported, you can optionally follow the remaining cheat sheet instructions to switch on working sets if required.

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