Loading the Gnometris application on a Real-Time System Model

You can load the Gnometris application on to a Real-Time System Model (RTSM) that is running ARM Linux. An RTSM enables you to run and debug applications on your host workstation without using any hardware targets.

A preconfigured RTSM connection is available that automatically boots Linux, launches gdbserver, and then launches the application.

To load Gnometris:

  1. Launch Eclipse.

  2. Click on the Project Explorer view.

  3. Expand the gnometris project folder.

  4. Right-click on the launch file, gnometris-RTSM-example.launch.

  5. In the context menu, select Debug As.

  6. Select the gnometris-RTSM-example entry in the submenu.

  7. Debugging requires the DS-5 Debug perspective. If the Confirm Perspective Switch dialog box opens, click on Yes to switch perspective.

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