2.6 Loading the Gnometris application on to an ARM® Linux target

Describes how to load the Gnometris application on to an ARM Linux target.

You can load the Gnometris application on to a target that is running ARM Linux.

DS-5™ provides preconfigured target connection settings that connect the debugger to gdbserver running on supported ARM architecture-based platforms.


  1. Obtain the IP address of the target. You can use the ifconfig application in a Linux console. The IP address is denoted by the inet addr.
  2. Boot the appropriate Linux distribution on the target.
  3. Launch Eclipse.
  4. Transfer the application and related files to the ARM Linux target, run the application, and then connect the debugger. There are several ways to do this:
    • Use a Secure SHell (SSH) connection with the Remote System Explorer (RSE) provided with DS-5 to set up the target and run the application. When the application is running you can then connect the debugger to the running target.

    • Use an external file transfer utility such as PuTTY.

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