3.1 System requirements

To install and use DS-5™, you must have a minimum specification of computer with a dual core 2GHz processor (or equivalent) and 2GB of RAM. 4GB or more of RAM is recommended to improve performance when debugging large images, using models with large simulated memory maps, or when using ARM® Streamline™ Performance Analyzer.

A full installation requires approximately 1.5 GB of hard disk space.

Supported platforms

DS-5 is supported (except where specified) on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the following platforms (and service packs):

  • Windows XP Professional service pack 3 (32-bit only).

  • Windows 7 Professional service pack 1.

  • Windows 7 Enterprise service pack 1.

  • Windows Server 2003 ( ARM Compiler toolchain only).

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 ( ARM Compiler toolchain only).

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop and Workstation option, Standard.

  • Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.04 LTS (32-bit only)


    Support for this platform is now deprecated and might be removed in future releases.
  • Ubuntu Desktop Edition 12.04 LTS.

DS-5™ requirements

Android and ARM Linux application debug require gdbserver to be available on your target. The recommended version of gdbserver is 7.0 or later. Executables for ARM Linux and Android that are compatible with DS-5 Debugger is provided in the install_directory/arm directory. You can locate these files by selecting Help > ARM Extras... from the main menu.


DS-5 Debugger is unable to provide reliable multi-threaded debug support with gdbserver versions prior to 6.8.

DS-5 support for Android and Linux depends upon infrastructure and features introduced in specific kernel versions:

  • DS-5 Debugger supports debugging native C/C++ applications and libraries on Android versions 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 3.x.x, and 4.0.
  • DS-5 Debugger supports debugging ARM Linux kernel versions 2.6.28 and later.
  • ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer supports ARM Linux kernel versions 2.6.32 and later.
  • Application debug on Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) systems requires ARM Linux kernel version 2.6.36 or later.

  • Access to VFP and NEON registers requires ARM Linux kernel version 2.6.30 or later and gdbserver version 7.0 or later.

ARM Linux kernel and bare-metal debugging require the use additional tools (not supplied with DS-5) to connect to your target system. DSTREAM™ and RVI™ enable connection to physical hardware targets. VSTREAM™ enables connection to RTL simulators and hardware emulators.

For DSTREAM and RVI it is recommended that you use the supplied debug hardware update tool to check that you are using the latest firmware and update it if necessary. Updated firmware is available in the install_directory/sw/debughw/firmware directory. The firmware for VSTREAM is delivered as part of the VSTREAM software, so you must obtain and install a newer version of this product if the firmware version is too old.

For ULINK2 you must upgrade to CMSIS-DAP compatible firmware. Updated firmware and associated instructions are available in the install_directory/sw/debughw/ULINK2 directory.

DS-5 can co-exist with ARM RVDS provided that they are installed into separate directories.

All line drawings in the online help use SVG format. To view these graphics, your browser must support the SVG format. If your browser does not have native support for SVG, you must install an appropriate plug-in such as the Adobe SVG Viewer.

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