3.4 Documentation provided with DS-5™

The ARM® DS-5™ documentation suite comprises:

  • Getting Started with DS-5 (this document)

  • Using the Debugger

  • Debugger Command Reference

  • Using ARM Streamline™

  • Getting Started with Eclipse

  • Debug hardware:

    • Setting Up the ARM DSTREAM™ Hardware

    • Setting Up the ARM RVI™ Harware

    • DSTREAM System and Interface Design Reference

    • RVI System and Interface Design Reference

    • Using the Debug Hardware Configuration Utilities

    • CoreSight™ Access Tool (CSAT) User Guide

  • Model Shell for Fast Models Reference Manual

  • Real-Time System Model Reference

  • ARM EB RTSM Reference Guide

  • ARM Compiler toolchain:

    • Introducing the ARM Compiler toolchain

    • Developing Software for ARM Processors

    • Using the Compiler

    • Using the Assembler

    • Using the Linker

    • Using ARM C and C++ Libraries and Floating-Point Support

    • Creating Static Software Libraries with armar

    • Using the fromelf Image Converter

    • Assembler Reference

    • Compiler Reference

    • Linker Reference

    • ARM C and C++ Libraries and Floating-Point Support Reference

    • Errors and Warnings Reference

    • Migration and Compatibility

  • License Management Guide.

To access the DS-5 documentation:

  1. Launch Eclipse:

    • On Windows, select Start > All Programs > ARM DS-5 > Eclipse for DS-5.

    • On Linux, enter eclipse in the Unix bash shell.

  2. Select Help Contents from the Help menu.

Documentation on using the examples is available in examples_directory\docs.

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