3.5 Examples provided with DS-5™

DS-5™ provides a selection of examples to help you get started:

  • Bare-metal software development examples that illustrate armcc managed builder, bare-metal debug, performance optimization, and measurement techniques. The files are located in the archive file, examples_directory\Bare-metal_examples.zip.

  • Bare-metal example projects for supported boards that demonstrate board connection and basic debug into on-chip RAM. The files are located in the archive file, examples_directory\Bare-metal_boards_examples.zip.

  • ARM Linux examples that illustrate build, debug, and performance analysis of simple C/C++ console applications, shared libraries, and multi-threaded applications. These examples run on a Real-Time System Model (RTSM) that is preconfigured to boot ARM Linux. The files are located in the archive file, examples_directory\Linux_examples.zip.

  • The RTX Real-Time Operating System (RTX-RTOS) source files and examples demonstrate the RTX-RTOS applications. The files are located in the archive file, examples_directory\CMSIS_RTOS_RTX.zip.

  • Optional packages with source files, libraries, and prebuilt images for running the examples. These can be downloaded from the DS-5 Downloads page on the ARM website.

    • Linux distribution project with header files and libraries for the purpose of rebuilding the ARM Linux examples.

    • Legacy Linux SD card image for the BeagleBoard configured for DS-5.

    • Legacy Linux SD card image for the BeagleBoard-xM configured for DS-5.

You can extract these examples to a working directory and build them from the command-line, or you can import them into Eclipse using the import wizard. All examples provided with DS-5 contain a preconfigured Eclipse launch script that enables you to easily load and debug example code on a target.

Each example provides instructions on how to build, run and debug the example code. You can access the instructions from the main index, examples_directory\docs\index.html.

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