2.1 Configuring a compiler toolchain for the DS-5 command prompt

When you want to compile or build from the DS-5 command prompt, you can select the compiler toolchain you want to use. You can set this as the default toolchain so that you do not need to select a toolchain every time you start the DS-5 command prompt.


By default, the DS-5 command prompt is not configured with a compiler toolchain.
On Linux, run suite_exec with the --toolchain name option to configure a compiler toolchain for the DS-5 environment. Run suite_exec with no arguments for the list of available toolchains. For example, to use the ARM Compiler 5 toolchain included in DS-5, run:
<DS-5 install_directory>/bin/suite_exec --toolchain "ARM Compiler 5 (DS-5 built-in)" bash --norc
On Windows, to set a default compiler toolchain for the DS-5 command prompt, use the select_default_toolchain command.
The following procedure describes the steps for using select_default_toolchain on Windows.


  1. Open the DS-5 command prompt, by selecting Start > All Programs > DS-5 Command Prompt.
  2. Enter select_default_toolchain on the DS-5 command prompt. This lists the available compiler toolchains.
    Figure 2-1 Configuring a default toolchain
    Configuring a default toolchain

  3. Select your default compiler toolchain. For example, enter 1 to select the ARM Compiler 5 that is built-in with DS-5. This configures the DS-5 command prompt for the selected toolchain. When you open a new DS-5 command prompt, the environment is still configured for your selected toolchain.


    To configure a compiler toolchain for the current DS-5 command prompt, without changing the default toolchain, use the select_toolchain command.
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