Accessing the build properties for a specific file or project

The C/C++ Build configuration panels enable you to set up the compilation tools for a specific build configuration, in your project. The settings in these panels determine how the compilation tools build an ARM executable image or library.


Build configuration settings can be applied to individual files and complete projects.

To access the build configuration panels that affect all the source files in your project:

  1. Select the source file or project in the Project Explorer view.

  2. Select Properties from the Project menu.

  3. Expand C/C++ Build in the Properties dialog box.

  4. Select Settings.

  5. The Configuration panel shows the active configuration. Click Manage Configurations... from the Configuration panel to create a new build configuration or change the active setting.

  6. The compilation tools available for the current project, and their respective configuration panels are displayed in the Tool Settings tab.

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