Integrating ARM plug-ins into a custom Eclipse environment

The following components are required to use Eclipse for DS-5. If you install Development Studio 5, all the required components are installed for you including the Eclipse IDE.

If you have a custom installation of the Eclipse IDE then you must ensure that you have Eclipse v3.5.

Install the following components in the following order before using Eclipse for DS-5:

  1. Download and install J2SE 6.0 or later from Sun Microsystems. You must use a 32-bit version of the JRE even when running on a 64-bit operating system.

  2. The C and C++ Development Tools (CDT) is a set of plug-ins that integrate the C and C++ build environment into the IDE. You can install these plug-ins as part of the Eclipse+CDT bundle from the Eclipse website. CDT v6.0 is required if you want to use the latest ARM® plug-ins.

  3. Install Development Studio 5 in a separate location from your custom Eclipse installation. Search for the folder install_directory\sw\eclipse and take a copy of the dropins folder then place it under the eclipse folder in your custom installation.

  4. If you want the custom installation of Eclipse to integrate with the GNU toolchain, you must install the latest GNU tools specific for ARM.


    Eclipse for DS-5 incorporates the GNU toolchain for ARM Linux targets that corresponds to GCC version 4.4.1.

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