Importing an existing Eclipse project

To import an existing Eclipse project into your workspace:

  1. Select Import... from the File menu.

  2. To import an existing project, select Existing Project into Workspace. Click on Next.

    Figure 19. Selecting the import source type

    Selecting the import source type

  3. Click on Browse to select the import folder containg the project that you want to import.

  4. In the Projects panel select the project that you want to import.

  5. Select Copy projects into workspace if required or deselect to create links to your existing project(s) and associated files.

    Figure 20. Selecting an existing Eclipse projects for import

    Selecting an existing Eclipse projects for import

  6. Click on Finish.


    If your existing project contains project settings from an older version of the build system, you are given the option to update your project. Using the latest version means that you can access all the latest toolchain features.

    The imported project is visible in the Project Explorer view.

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