Integrating ARM plug-ins into a custom Eclipse environment

The following Eclipse packages must be installed before you can integrate DS-5:

To install DS-5 into a custom Eclipse environment:

  1. Install DS-5 in a separate location from your custom Eclipse installation.

  2. Add the ...\DS-5\bin folder to the PATH environment variable.

  3. Create a new ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable with the path to your license file. For example, on Windows:

    ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE=C:\...\Application Data\ARM\DS-5\licenses
  4. Launch your custom Eclipse.

    1. Select Install New Software... from the Help menu.

    2. Click Add... to add a new update site.

    3. Enter a suitable name for the update site, for example: DS-5 Update Site.

    4. Search the DS-5 installation and select the archive file: install_directory\DS-5\sw\eclipse\

    5. Click on Open.

    6. Click on OK.

    7. Review the list of plug-ins that you are about to install and select ARM DS-5.

    8. Click on Next.

    9. DS-5 has a dependency on some external packages. Access to the Eclispe website is required to locate and install these packages.For example, Remote System Explorer (RSE). Click on Next.

    10. Read the license agreements and accept them. If you do not accept the license agreements, you cannot install DS-5. Click on Finish.

    11. Click on Restart Now to restart Eclipse and complete the installation.

    12. If the license is not configured, then a dialog box opens to enable you to add a license. Alternatively, you can configure this later by selecting Help → ARM License Manager... from the main menu.

    13. If the path to the DS-5 installation is not configured, then a dialog box opens to enable you to locate this folder. Alternatively, you can configure this later by changing the DS-5 settings in the Window → Preferences dialog box.

      Figure 1. DS-5 Install location dialog box

      DS-5 Install location dialog box

      Locate the install_directory\DS-5 folder. Click OK.

  5. Configure the target database for DS-5:

    1. Select Window → Preferences from the main menu.

    2. Expand the DS-5 group and select Target Database.

    3. Remove any existing settings in the Target Database panel.

    4. Click on New....

    5. Search the DS-5 installation and select the folder containing the database: install_directory\DS-5\sw\debugger\configdb.

    6. Click on Rebuild database... to clear any system caches and validate the platform definitions.

    7. Click OK.

For more information on DS-5 you can access the welcome screen by selecting DS-5 Home from the Help menu.

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