Terminals view

The Terminals view enables you to enter shell commands directly on the target without launching any external application. For example you can browse remote files and folders by entering the ls or pwd commands in the same way as you would on a Linux terminal.

Figure 41. Terminals view

Terminals view

The Terminals view is not visible by default. To add this view:

  1. Select Window → Show View → Other... to open the Show View dialog box.

  2. Expand the Remote Systems group and select Remote Systems.

  3. Click OK.

  4. In the Remote Systems view, click on the toolbar icon Define a connection to a remote system and configure an Secure SHell (SSH) connection to the target.

  5. Right-click on the connection and select Connect from the context menu.

  6. Enter the User ID and password in the relevant fields.

  7. Click OK to connect to the target.

  8. In the Remote Systems view, right-click on Ssh Terminals.

  9. Select Launch Terminal to open a terminal shell that is connected to the target.

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