Restrictions of use

This section lists the specific restrictions and peculiarities that apply when using Eclipse.

Organizing projects

The recommended structure for project source files is to create them in the project folder or sub-folder. If a source file is created in a folder that is higher than the project, an absolute link is created.

Opening an existing Eclipse project

You must use the import wizard to import an existing Eclipse project into your workspace.

Inter-project dependencies

Nested projects are not supported. Each project must be organized as a discrete entity. Inter-project dependencies can be set up by referencing other projects that reside in your workspace. Select Project → Properties → Project References from the main menu to manually add references.

Link order

Specifying the link order of your object files within the same project is not possible with Eclipse. As a workaround, if you split your object files into different projects, you can specify the project build order. Select Window → Preferences... → General → Workspace → Build Order from the main menu.

Restore Defaults

Restoring the defaults of a project discards all information that is not a part of the project type. All settings changed in the New Project Wizard are lost.

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