Creating a scatter file

To create a scatter file:

  1. Use an existing project or create a new project.

  2. Create a new project and add a new empty text file with the extension .scat. For example scatter.scat.

  3. Using the Outline view, click on the Add load region toolbar icon or right-click and select Add load region from the context menu.

    Enter a load region name, for example, LR1.

    Figure 33. Add load region dialog box

    Add load region dialog box

  4. Click OK.

  5. Modify the load region as shown in the following example.

    Example 1. Simple scatter file

    LR1 0x0000 0x8000
        LR1_er1 0x0000 0x8000
            * (+RO)
        LR1_er2 0x10000 0x6000
            * (+RW,+ZI)

  6. Click on the Regions/Sections tab to view a graphical representation.

    Figure 34. Graphical view of a simple scatter file

    Graphical view of a simple scatter file

  7. Save your changes.

Before you can use a scatter file you must add the --scatter=file option to the project within the C/C++ Build → Settings → Tool settings → ARM Linker → Image Layout panel of the Properties dialog box.

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