Overview of the ARM assembler editor

The ARM® assembler editor provides syntax highlighting, formatting of code and content assistance for labels in ARM assembly language source files. You can change the default settings in the Preferences dialog box.

If this is not the default editor, right-click on your source file in the Project Explorer view and select Open With → ARM Assembler Editor from the context menu.

The following shortcuts are also available for use:

Table 1. ARM assembler editor shortcuts 

Content assist

Content assist provides auto-completion on labels existing in the active file. When entering a label for a branch instruction, Partially type the label and then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Space to display a list of valid auto-complete options. Use the Arrow Keys to select the required label and press Enter to complete the term. Continue typing to ignore the auto-complete list.

Editor focus

The following options change the editor focus:

  • Outline View provides a list of all areas and labels in the active file. Click on an area or label to move the focus of the editor to the position of the selected item.

  • Select a label from a branch instruction and press F3 to move the focus of the editor to the position of the selected label.

Formatter activation

Press Ctrl+Shift+F to activate the formatter settings.

Block comments

Block comments are enabled or disabled by using Ctrl+Semicolon. Select a block of code and apply the keyboard shortcut to change the commenting state.

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