Configuring Eclipse

Eclipse can be customized to your own settings by changing the layout, key bindings, file associations, and color schemes.

Projects and files can also be configured to use the build system in different ways by modifying the properties for the selected resource.

Perspectives can be opened and customized using the options from the Window menu or you can use the perspective toolbar. By default a perspective opens in the same window, however, you can change the default settings in the Preferences dialog box.

Views can be moved or docked as applicable by dragging and dropping them into position. Double-clicking on the title bar of a view toggles the maximize/restore options or you can use the relevant toolbar icons. If you have minimized a view you can restore it by clicking on the restore icon in the toolbar at the side of the perspective. By default this is on the right-hand side of the perspective but you can drag and drop it to another location if you prefer. To reset all the views in a perspective to the initial settings and layout you can click on Reset Perspective... in the Window menu.

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