Preferences dialog box

Workbench settings can be customized using the Preferences dialog box. You can access this dialog box by selecting Preferences... from the Window menu. Changes to these settings are saved in the current workspace. If you want to copy your workbench settings to another workspace, use the Export wizard.

The contents of the preferences hierarchy tree include the following groups:


Controls the workspace, perspectives, editors, build order, linked resources, file associations, path variables, background operations, keyboard and mouse settings.


Controls the C/C++ environment settings, CDT build variables, syntax formatting, and default project wizard settings.


Controls the default DS-5 environment settings, presentation and formatting for DS-5 editors and views, target configuration database search locations, and the automatic checks for DS-5 product updates.


Controls how the context help is displayed.


Controls the update history, scheduler, and policy.

Remote Systems

Controls the settings used by the Remote System Explorer.


Controls the default perspectives, breakpoint, build, and launch settings before running and debugging.

For more information on the other options not listed here, use the dynamic help.

Figure 18. Window preferences dialog box

Window preferences dialog box

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