Properties dialog box

Project settings can be customized using the Properties dialog box. You can access this dialog box by selecting a project and then selecting Properties... from the Project menu. Changes to the customized settings are saved in the project folder in your workspace. You can also customize the C/C++ properties for a single file for example, if you want to apply a specific compiler option to a file during the build.


If you specify different options for a single file, it overrides the options specified in the project configuration panels that apply to all related source files.

The contents of the properties hierarchy tree for a project include the following:


Displays the resource location, modification state, and file type.


Controls builders available for the selected project.

C/C++ Build

Controls the environment, build, and tool chain settings for the active configuration.

C/C++ General

Controls documentation, file types, indexer and path/symbol settings.

Project References

Controls project dependencies.

For more information on the other options not listed here, use the dynamic help.

Figure 19. Project properties dialog box

Project properties dialog box

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