ARM® DS-5™ Using Eclipse

Version 5.6

List of Topics

Conventions and feedback
About Eclipse
Integrating ARM plug-ins into a custom Eclipse environment
Getting started with Eclipse
Launching Eclipse
Using the welcome screen
Overview of the workbench window
Workbench features
About working sets
Creating a working set
Changing the top level element when displaying working sets
Deselecting a working set
Perspectives and views
Editing source code
Configuring Eclipse
Preferences dialog box
Properties dialog box
Importing and exporting options
Using the import wizard
Using the export wizard
Accessing the dynamic help
Using ARM-specific cheat sheets
Installing new features
Restrictions of use
Working with projects
Project types
Creating a new C or C++ project
Creating a new Makefile project for an ARM Linux target
Importing an existing Eclipse project
Setting up the compilation tools for a specific build configuration
Configuring the C/C++ build behavior
Updating a project to a new toolchain
Adding a new source file to your project
Working with editors
Overview of the C/C++ editor
Overview of the ARM assembler editor
Overview of the ELF content editor
ELF content editor - Overview tab
ELF content editor - Symbol Table tab
ELF content editor - Disassembly tab
Overview of the scatter file editor
Creating a scatter file
Importing a memory map from a BCD file
Working with Remote System Explorer
Overview of the Remote System Explorer
Remote Systems view
Remote System Details view
Remote Scratchpad view
Terminals view
Terminology, shortcuts and icons
Keyboard shortcuts
Menu and toolbar icons

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