1.23 Using ARM-specific cheat sheets

Cheat sheets are working examples that you can use to guide you through a specific task. Each step in the task is listed in the Cheat Sheets view and the current step is highlighted and expanded. You must perform each step in turn to complete the task.

To use a cheat sheet:


  1. Select Cheat Sheet... from the Help menu.
  2. Select a cheat sheet from the list or use Browse... to select from a file, see the following figure.
    Figure 1-20 Selecting a cheat sheet
    Selecting a cheat sheet

  3. Click on OK.
  4. Click on the Click to Begin link on the Introduction step to start the task. If you open a cheat sheet more than once, the link on the Introduction step changes text to Click to Restart.
  5. Follow the instructions step by step. When you complete an instruction, click on the Click to Complete link to move on to the next instruction. Some of the instructions might have a Click to Perform link for you to use if you want that instruction to be performed automatically by the cheat sheet.
The task is complete when you have performed every step listed in the Cheat Sheets view.
The following figure shows a typical example of a cheat sheet. Steps one and two are shown as complete, step three is skipped, and step four (the current step) is expanded and ready for use. When step four is complete, the cheat sheet moves on to reveal the instructions in step five.


Subsequent steps are not populated until you fully complete or skip the previous step.
Figure 1-21 Typical example of a cheat sheet
Typical example of a cheat sheet

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