4.3 Menu and toolbar icons

These are the most common menu and toolbar icons available for use with Eclipse.

For information on icons, markers, and buttons not listed in the following tables, see the standard Workbench User Guide or the C/C++ Development User Guide in the Help Contents.
If you leave the mouse pointer positioned on a toolbar icon for a few seconds without clicking, a tooltip appears informing you of the purpose of the icon.

Perspective icons

Table 4-1 Perspective icons

Icon Description Icon Description
Open new perspective
pge1420545789295 C/C++
pge1420545810972 DS-5 Debugger    

View icons

Table 4-2 View icons

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545782431 Display drop-down menu pge1420545779019 Synchronize view contents
pge1420545799404 Minimize pge1420545780352 Maximize
pge1420545857255 Restore pge1420545824988 Close

View markers

Table 4-3 View markers

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545784714 Bookmark pge1420545808666 Information
pge1420545771541 Task pge1420545826583 Search result
pge1420545769926 Error pge1420545816302 Warning

Editor icons

Table 4-4 Editor icons

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545827266 Save the active file pge1420545797666 Save all files
pge1420545848525 Print the active file pge1420545824988 Close view
pge1420545802361 Create new configuration pge1420545795597 Duplicate selected configuration
pge1420545778335 Delete selected configuration pge1420545828009 Collapse configuration tree

Configuration icons

Table 4-5 Configuration icons

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545777562 Open Run Configurations dialog box pge1420545801658 Open Debug Configurations dialog box

Outline icons

Table 4-6 Outline icons

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545854451 Hide fields pge1420545841958 Hide static members
pge1420545797013 Hide non-public members pge1420545851427 Sort alphabetically
pge1420545840462 Class pge1420545785457 Namespace
pge1420545811655 Macro definition pge1420545837133 Enum
pge1420545786211 Enumerator pge1420545788542 Variable
pge1420545775041 Protected field pge1420545766252 Private field
pge1420545820793 Public field pge1420545846364 Include
pge1420545813817 Protected method pge1420545850693 Private method
pge1420545847117 Public method pge1420545796330 Struct
pge1420545830409 Type definition pge1420545822239 Union
pge1420545817639 Function pge1420545767595 Target configuration file
pge1420545831592 Include file pge1420545769062 Memory
pge1420545803154 Peripheral pge1420545842631 Register
pge1420545833559 Bitfield pge1420545791516 Enumeration definition
pge1420545816955 Map rules pge1420545790038 Tools information

Miscellaneous icons

Table 4-7 Miscellaneous icons

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545828732 Open a new resource wizard pge1420545781035 Open new project wizard
pge1420545815549 Open new folder wizard pge1420545856571 Open new file wizard
pge1420545792249 open search dialog box pge1420545770799 Display context-sensitive help
pge1420545775854 Add load region pge1420545832766 Add execution region
pge1420545793003 Add section pge1420545778335 Delete selected item
pge1420545768309 Focus on active task pge1420545857950 Displays product updates

Navigation icons

Table 4-8 Navigation icons

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545829546 Navigate back pge1420545783185 Navigate forwards
pge1420545834432 Navigate up one level pge1420545850010 Print active page
pge1420545772374 Open help instruction page pge1420545855898 Synchronize TOC with active page
pge1420545844205 Bookmark active page    

Help Contents icons

Table 4-9 Help Contents icons

Icon Description Icon Description
pge1420545818352 Display list of all documents pge1420545859557 Display list of documents in last search
pge1420545781718 Display list of context-sensitive help links to related topics pge1420545800965 Display list of all bookmarks
pge1420545780352 Maximize frame pge1420545857255 Restore frame
pge1420545821516 Synchronize TOC with active page    
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