Tracing with DSTREAM

To capture trace with DSTREAM, you must connect your DSTREAM unit using a USB cable.


Capturing trace over Ethernet is not supported with DSTREAM.

When you have connected DSTREAM to your host computer, you are ready to begin using DSTREAM with your debugger. See the documentation that accompanies your debugger for information on using DSTREAM to capture trace.

DSTREAM is capable of capturing trace data into a cyclic buffer, and you can define the buffer size up to a maximum of 4GB. When a sufficient amount of trace data has been captured to fill the buffer, the FULL LED illuminates. The buffer then wraps, continues to capture trace data, and overwrites the original trace data captured. You can stop trace captured by using a trigger condition or a manual stop, and you can configure the amount of trace captured after a trigger event.


The buffer size might not be supported by your debugger. See your debugger documentation for details of the trace capabilities of your debugger, and for configuring trace.

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