1.2 DSTREAM product contents

The DSTREAM product includes everything you need to connect your workstation to your ARM architecture-based development board.

The DSTREAM product consists of:
  • A DSTREAM unit.
  • A DSTREAM probe.
  • Mains cables and a power supply that powers the DSTREAM unit.
  • An Ethernet cable.
  • A USB cable.
  • Probe cables:
    • a 100-way probe cable
    • an ARM/TI JTAG 14-way ribbon cable
    • an ARM JTAG 20-way ribbon cable
    • a Mictor 38 cable
    • a MIPI 34-way ribbon cable
    • a CoreSight 10-way ribbon cable
    • a CoreSight 20-way ribbon cable.
  • Documentation, including a Quick Start Guide.
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