2.2 Connecting the DSTREAM unit

You must connect the DSTREAM unit to your host computer and to the target hardware using the appropriate cables and connector.


Before setting up the DSTREAM hardware, ensure that you have all the relevant items that comprise the DSTREAM product kit.


  • If the DSTREAM unit or the target hardware are not properly earthed, potential differences can occur between them, causing unwanted pulses in the debug interface during connection. This can cause unwanted resets to occur.
  • If using targets with a power supply voltage greater than 5V, ARM® recommends observing one or both of the following precautions.
    1. Disconnect the target from the DSTREAM unit before powering.
    2. Ensure that the target is plugged into its power brick before plugging the power brick into the wall socket. This step ensures that when the target powers, it is properly grounded through its own power supply.


  1. Connect the host computer to the DSTREAM unit as shown in the following figure, using either the USB port or a TCP/IP network connection, as required:
    • If you are connecting using the USB port, connect one end of the supplied USB cable to a USB port on the host computer, and the other end of the cable to the USB port on the DSTREAM unit.


      The USB drivers are installed with the debug host software.
    • If you are connecting across an Ethernet network, connect the Ethernet port of the DSTREAM unit to a socket for the Ethernet network using the supplied RJ-45 Ethernet cable.
    • If you are using a cross-over cable (not supplied), connect one end of the cable to the Ethernet port of the host computer, and the other end to the Ethernet port of the DSTREAM unit.
    Figure 2-1 Connecting the DSTREAM hardware
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  2. Connect the DSTREAM unit to the target hardware, using the appropriate debug or trace cables:
    • Connect one end of the supplied 100-way cable to the DSTREAM unit, and connect the other end of the cable to the probe unit.
    • Connect the target hardware to the probe using the appropriate cables and connector.
    All connectors are keyed to prevent incorrect connections.
  3. Power-up the target hardware and power-up the DSTREAM unit.
  4. Configure the IP address on a debug hardware unit using the installed ConfigIP utility. This enables you to access your unit by Ethernet. (You do not have to do this if you are using a USB connection).
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