9.1 Call Graph view overview

The Call Graph view provides you with a visual representation of your code hierarchy, laying out each function according to where it is called and using arrows to connect calling functions. You can use it to quickly identify hotspots in your hierarchy.

The Call Graph view is made up of the following elements:

Function boxes
The Call Graph view draws a function box for each function in your call hierarchy. The Call Graph view color codes the functions according to total samples so the critical functions are quickly identifiable in the Call Graph view. These colors range from bright red to light yellow, red being the highest value, light yellow the lowest. These colors are easily identifiable in the mini-map so you can scroll quickly to the critical functions.
Call Arrows
The direction of the arrow indicates which function was the calling function. An arrow pointing to a function tells you that function is the callee and the function from which the line originates is the calling function.
Caller and Callee bullets
In cases where the calling function is in the same column or in a column to the left or right of the called function, a call arrow is drawn from the caller to the callee. If, however, the called function appears in a column more than one column to the left of the calling function, a bullet is added to the left of the calling function and to the right of the called function. The number contained in the bullet represents how many calling or called functions the bullet represents. Right-click on a caller or callee bullet to see all of the functions contained in it. Choose a function in the contextual menu to select and center that function in the Call Graph view.
The mini-map
In the bottom left hand corner of the Call Graph view is a mini-map that can be used to easily navigate around the Call Graph view when the hierarchy is too large to fit in the editor section of Eclipse.

Left-clicking on any function in the hierarchy selects it. In addition to coloring the rectangle dark blue, it changes the color of all of the arrows from gray to black, clearly showing you to what functions the selection function is connected.

Figure 9-1 A selected function in the Call Graph view

A selected function in the Call Graph view

Selecting a function also changes any connected caller or callee bullets from gray to black.

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