9.3 Using the mini-map to navigate the Call Graph view

The mini-map, located in the lower left of the Call Graph view, helps you quickly navigate large call hierarchies.

To move to new location in the call graph, place the cursor in the call graph and click on a location in the mini-map. To pan the viewable area using the mini-map, follow these steps:

Figure 9-4 The Call Graph view mini-map

The Call Graph view mini-map


  1. Hover over the draggable area box within the mini-map. The cursor changes into a hand when you do so.
  2. Click and drag the area box to move the viewable area. The objects in the mini-map have the same color coding as the functions in the Call Graph view itself. The bright red function in the hierarchy appears as bright red in the mini-map so that you can use the mini-map to quickly zoom to a bottleneck. Selected functions appear dark blue in the mini-map.
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