9.6 Call Graph view toolbar options

The toolbar of the Call Graph view contains a series of options that enable you to access help and perform common operations.

The toolbar buttons available in the Call Graph view are:

Show Help
Opens the help view with a list of topics relevant to the Call Graph view.
Toggle System Functions
Streamline classifies all functions that begin with either an underscore or std:: as system functions, and hides them by default. You can, however, show them by choosing the Show System Functions drop-down menu option. All orphaned functions that are no longer connected to the tree when the system functions are hidden are shown as unconnected boxes at the bottom of the Call Graph view. If this option is active, the contextual menu option changes to Hide System Functions. This button is highlighted if system function visibility is currently off.
Toggle Uncalled Functions
This option works in much the same way as the Show/Hide System Functions option. Select Show Uncalled Functions and all of the functions contained in your code that were not called during the captured execution appear as disconnected boxes in the bottom of the hierarchy.
Toggle Mini-map
Toggle mini-map visibility on and off.
Edit Source
Edit the source file that contains the selected function.
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