4.1 Counter configuration dialog box structure

The Counter Configuration dialog box contains two main areas, Available Events and Events to Collect. Use the list in Available Events to populate the Events to Collect list with your desired counters.

The dialog box contains the following two areas:

Available Events
The Available Events list contains categorized events offered for each core on your current target as well as a list of OS-specific events. The events contained in the processor lists depends on the type of processor as does the number of events that you can add. Events that appear in gray are already in the Events to Collect list.


As of version 5.14, Streamline supports hardware monitoring counters, if they are available on your target hardware.
The maximum number of available events and the amount remaining are in the upper right hand corner of the Available Events list. When you have reached this maximum, all entries in the category list are grayed out and you cannot add any additional events to the Events to Collect list.


These available events that appear in this list are based on the PMU counters of the core.
Events to Collect
This list of categories and events is what the Timeline view uses for its line graphs. Each event listed here is available for display in the Timeline view using the Chart Configuration view.
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